StatsBar a handy system monitor that lives in your Mac's menu bar

StatsBar 1.4 has a slick and easy-to-digest interface for monitoring your system's components. You can set a hotkey that brings up the StatsBar display whenever you desire, and then hide it again in a flash.

StatsBar gives you quick information on your CPU, memory, disk usage, network, and power/battery. It also offers an option to "clean memory" that frees up some inactive memory. This isn't a particularly useful feature unless you have a particular need to free up inactive memory, since it will be used when you run out anyways. You can also set it to free your inactive memory if your memory usage goes above a certain point.

The CPU monitor offers a nice historical graph, however, the graph isn't cleared in between instances of the app being open. So the current CPU demand is displayed next to the demand whenever you last used the app.

The battery monitoring is fairly comprehensive, showing both the current charge and the overall health of your battery. It also shows the batteries age and temperature. These stats are less useful than health and current charge, but still interesting to know.

Bottom line

StatsBar is a nice tool if you like to keep your computers info tucked away and out of sight until you want it.


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