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TechHive E3 confessionals: Our thoughts on the biggest gaming show of the year

E3 is finally over. After four days of flashing lights, blaring music, and scores of new video games, we're wiped out. As we readjust to this cold San Francisco weather and start missing that authentic L.A. Mexican food (sorry Mission District, you're just not the same) we'd like to leave you with what we learned.

It was a heck of a show, with two new consoles coming to market later this year, and one that just launched this past holiday season. While Microsoft kicked off the show with a strong press conference, Sony retaliated by setting the PS4's price point at a mere $400--$100 lower than the Xbox One--and mocking its competitor's always-online and no used games policies (policies that were summarily cancelled the following week).

The blows kept coming, with Microsoft's Don Mattrick delivering a dangerously arrogant statement while Sony demoed indie games right alongside its top-tier big-budget games.

Then there was Nintendo, which needed a big hit to jump-start sales of its ailing WiiU console. Unfortunately, the company had little in the way of surprises for us, and we left even more worried than before.

Still, 2013 was a great year for games: PC games, zombie games, shooting games, music games, silly games, scary games, hidden games, and artistic games.

So many games! We even made a game.

And while Sony seemed to sweep the show from a console standpoint, virtual reality is the most exciting thing we saw on the horizon. We got hands-on time with the 1080p Oculus Rift and Virtuix's Omni treadmill, and both have the potential to completely change the way you experience games.

What else? Well, strappinga camerato your headis a lotof fun, even if people look at you weird, Brad Muir seriously loves XCOM, and the ESA hates when its iron grip is thwarted. Also, E3 can get really smelly.

To close out the show, each member of our crack E3 away team recorded some personal thoughts on E3 2013 for this short montage video. A few of us had been through the E3 wringer before, but for others it was the first time at the rodeo. In this short video you'll hear about the highs and lows of spending a week in the organized chaos that is E3. Perhaps there was one particular game that got us excited in a way we haven't been in years; maybe the spectacle of the show as a whole got our hearts racing. Often, we were just excited to get on the show floor and play the games.

The future of video games was on display in Los Angeles, and it left us hopeful about the massive untapped potential of the medium. Here's to hoping there are great times ahead.


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