Dell EMC India reorganizes to tap the digital gold rush

The Dell EMC merger formally announced by Dell Technologies Chairman Michael Dell last September was expected to witness a realignment of senior executive roles for the joint entity.  

India market is no exception as changes have been implemented including in the roles of company’s senior executives too. There have been significant changes in the new Dell EMC in India which is confirmed by company’s official statement.

Alok Ohrie and Rajesh Janey are leading the commercial team and enterprise team at Dell EMC India respectively as reported exclusively by IDG India in September 2016. 

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In the enterprise team for Dell EMC India, Sandeep Bhambure is now responsible for west region and large conglomerate(s); Vivek Mehrotra for South 1 and Sujoy Sen for South 2 and Ashwani Syal will lead the North & East region. Anshuman Rai and Niladri Saha are in charge of strategic accounts while Kallol Hazra leads the sales strategy for Dell EMC - Enterprise in India.

One of the key tenets of the new organisational structure is to partner with customers in their journey of Digital Transformation, while minimising the change in their account relationships and interface says Rajesh Janey, President & MD, Enterprise at Dell EMC India on the prime objective of the reshuffle or realignment of executives’ roles.

For a merger of this scale and size, there are a few critical leadership roles that we realigned, he adds.

With the merger that was announced in 2015 and finalised last September, the combined Dell EMC has one of the most comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions along with enviable set of customers and partners, says Alok Ohrie, President & MD, Commercial at Dell EMC India.

From a commercial team perspective at Dell EMC, Ajay Kaul, who was Geo Head for North is responsible for Public Business. Dinkar Adlakha is now responsible for North Geo. Anand Ganapathy, Ranjit Metrani and Rajat Ganguly continue to lead West Geo, South Geo and East Geo respectively. Manish Gupta would continue in the role to lead the Infrastructure Solutions Group and Indrajit Belgundi, for Client Solutions Group as per the statement from Dell EMC India.

The new organisation structure ensures that we have right people in the right roles to help further the momentum of meeting and exceeding the demands of the market, win new accounts and ensure that we provide higher quality engagement and support to our customers by leveraging our comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services, says Alok.

India Channel Chief for Dell EMC Anil Sethi has Rajat Gossain as the head of Partner led business and Anish Taneja as the head of distribution and emerging channel business in his channels team.

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The enterprise and commercial team at Dell EMC India will work in tandem with Anil Sethi’s team to ensure maximum business and more profitability for Channel Partners in India. “We need to look at it from an outside-in perspective. Our objective is to work with our customers so as to position Dell EMC as their partner of choice on their Digital Transformation Journey. Our partners are a key constituent in this engagement says Alok.

With the new Dell EMC Partner Program, Dell EMC will have a single Channel Partner program which will enable channel partners to have the license to sell across the entire Dell EMC portfolio.

We believe this reorg backed by new Dell EMC Partner Program will enable Dell EMC partner team to work more closely with channels to address varied technology requirements of the customers across different segments and verticals as they embrace digital transformation, says Rajesh.

The areas very important in the upcoming digital era are IT transformation, Workforce Transformation and Security Transformation as per Alok. Dell EMC serves a key role in providing the essential infrastructure for organizations to build an organisation’s digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information. This positions us way ahead of other OEMs in the upcoming digital era, he adds.

"We seek to become the technology industry’s most trusted advisor, providing capabilities spanning strategy development, consultative services and solution deployment and support to help our customers and partners drive the digital transformation of their businesses," says Rajesh Janey.

Who’s who of New Dell EMC India

Enterprise Team

Rajesh Janey: President & MD

Sandeep Bhambure: West & Large Conglomerates

Vivek Mehrotra, Sujoy Sen: South 1 & South 2 

Ashwani Syal: North & East

Anshuman Rai, Niladri Saha: Strategic Accounts

Kallol Hazra: Sales strategy

Commercial Team

Alok Ohrie: President & MD

Ajay Kaul: Public Business

Dinkar Adlakha: North Geo

Anand Ganapathy: West Geo

Ranjit Metrani: South Geo

Rajat Ganguly: East Geo

Manish Gupta: Infrastructure Solutions Group

Indrajit Belgundi : Client Solutions Group

Channel Team 

Anil Sethi: Director & GM, Channels

Rajat Gossain: Partner led business

Anish Taneja: Distribution & Emerging Channel business

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