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Sony turns the page on ebooks in North America

The PC business isn't the only one Sony will abandon. The electronics giant is also closing the books on its North American ebook efforts.

"Wait," you're probably saying after reading that sentence: "Sony was making an ebook effort in North America?"

And you know, that's pretty hurtful.

Still, you can be forgiven if you don't recall the particulars of the Sony Reader, the company's dedicated e-reading device. Sony introduced the first model back in 2006, but it never really enjoyed the success of Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Kobo's eReader, or really any handheld you care to name. Sony last released a new Sony Reader in the US in 2012. The 2013 release of the PRS-T3 model skipped this country entirely.

Sony Reader users aren't being left high and dry, however: Now that Sony's closing down its Reader Store, Kobo is stepping in to provide ebooks . According to FAQs from both Kobo and Sony, Reader users will get an email in late March explaining how to transfer their Sony-bought ebooks to a Kobo account. Kobo says that users who transfer over by May 31 will also be able to bring over Reader Store credits to their new Kobo account. By late May, the PRS-T1, PRS-T2 and PRS-T3 Sony Reader models will be able to access the Kobo ebook store directly.

As part of the announcement, Sony says that Kobo's Android app will come pre-loaded on select Xperia smartphones and tablets.


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