Hangouts 10.0 is improving its sharing capabilities on both Android and iOS

Google’s Hangouts app has skipped over version 9 and launched 10.0 on both Android and iOS.

The update includes some platform-specific features that should make chatting with friends or coworkers a little more convenient. On the Android front, the app now supports Android Marshmallow’s direct share, which auto-suggests contacts when you use the sharing menu.

With direct share, you can send a link or other content right to a specific contact in Hangouts.

On iOS, the iTunes changelog lists two new key features: link sharing to invite others to a call and support for universal links.

The latter means you can tap on a link from another app and the developer can configure it to take you right to a hangouts conversation. With link sharing, you can now send a link that invites someone directly to a Hangout. 

Version 10.0 is rolling out to the Google Play Store and App Store.

The story behind the story: Google is still tinkering away with Hangouts, but the big change on the horizon is the debut of the new messaging/video pair: Allo and Duo. Google says that despite all the nifty new features coming in those Hangouts will stick around, especially since Hangouts is part of the Google Apps for Work suite.

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