Lumo Run shorts could help you become a better runner

When I say “wearable tech,” you probably think of things like smartwatches and fitness trackers. But wearables are about take a step beyond mere gadgets you strap to your wrist and become a part of the clothes you wear.

The Lumo Run is a perfect example of where things may be headed. It consists of a seemingly unassuming pair of running shorts and a small, Bluetooth-enabled sensor. Tuck the sensor into a pouch located waistband, slip on the shorts, and you’re off and running—literally.

The sensor monitors your running form and relays that information to the companion iPhone app, which then gives you tips on how you can become a better runner. For example, it might suggest that you change the way you step in order to get a more comfortable or more effective workout. The app keeps tracks of various stats that you can later review so you can further improve your technique.

The Lumo Run shorts will ship at the end of March and cost $149 for the mens’ version and $169 for the womens’ version: At those prices, you’ll get a pair of shorts (for men) or capris (for women), a Lumo Run sensor, and a charger. If you preorder now, though, you can get both kits for $99 each.

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