Google adds handy shortcuts to help with searching in Google app update

The Google app has always been a fantastic way to get quick info about the things we’re most interesting in, but now Google is making it even easier to find out what’s going on. Along with the search bar and cards, the latest update to the app brings a set of shortcuts that put relevant and timely info right at your fingertips.

When you launch the Google app, you’ll notice things have been moved around a bit. Directly below the search bar you’ll see new icons for weather, entertainment, sports, and restaurants, some of the more commonly searched phrases. Tap any one of them and you’ll be taken straight to a page with current information.

For example, if you tap on the the entertainment shortcut, you can see what’s playing at your local theater or what to watch on TV, as well as get any related news stories. Furthermore, you can tap to see trailers and reviews, or swipe through listings to catch up on your favorite shows. 

Tap the arrow at the end of the row and you’ll get a cornucopia of icons, from nearby places to popular Google tools like translation and currency conversions. The info inside the icons can be personalized as well. Inside the sports tab, for example, you can customize your experience for the teams you want to follow, and the weather tab will give you updated information based on your location. Google also says it will be adding new shortcuts for big moments and events.

The update to the Google app is rolling out to Android and iOS users as well as, but Android users can side load the Google-signed APK from APK Mirror.

A good look: The Google app is quietly one of the best ways to search the web, and these quick links will only make it better. There may still be way too many ways to search Google on our phones, but anything that helps us get info faster is much appreciated.

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