Watch Apple's new commercials for the iPad Pro featuring real people's tweets

For its new advertising campaign, Apple is answering Twitter questions about the iPad Pro.

On Friday, Apple released a new series of iPad Pro commercials that use real tweets to showcase the iPad Pro’s LTE capabilities, as well as tout the device’s virus-free experience. “It’s better than a computer,” reads one of the ads. 

Each of the 15-second ads uses a real tweet to address a feature of the iPad Pro. One tweet expresses fear over a “nasty” PC virus, while another questions whether Microsoft Word can be used on an iPad Pro.

But while the tweets and corresponding Twitter usernames appear to be real, Apple has replaced the real people behind the tweets with actors. According to The Verge, Apple reached out to the real Twitter users before their tweets were used in the campaign.

Why this matters: This advertising campaign for the iPad Pro is long overdue. It’s smart for Apple to have used real questions and user inquiries to showcase the standout features on the iPad Pro, and how it compares to a PC. 

The new ad campaign actually harkens back to a familiar Apple narrative: Criticizing clunky, virus-y PCs. One of the iPad Pro commercials boasts that the Apple tablet is actually faster than most laptops with LTE and touchscreen capabilities to boot. Watch the four commercials below.

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