Why Lufthansa Group is opening up its APIs

Why Lufthansa Group is opening up its APIs

Lufthansa Group is increasingly turning to application programming interfaces (APIs) as a way to expand its digital reach, cut out aggregators and diversify its direct sales channels.

Through its digital Innovation Hub in Berlin, which was founded in 2014, the airline group (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Eurowings) has been looking into new ways to expose its backend systems via APIs for third party developers.

First, it needed some help on the technical side, partnering with consultants from Mindtree to work on what the group calls 'the Open API initiative'. Open API is an umbrella term within Lufthansa Group that refers to a broad range of APIs, both for internal and external use. It currently counts 900 or so registered developers, accounting for 210 million API calls in 2017.

Most recently this includes a booking API, which allows authorised third party developers to integrate the sale of airline tickets from those carriers into their own website or applications.

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