Just in time for school, B&H is selling 12-inch MacBooks for up to $200 off

Just in time for school, B&H is selling 12-inch MacBooks for up to $200 off

If you prize portability above all else, you’ll be hard-pressed to get a better laptop (at least with some decent power behind it) than the 12-inch MacBook. Unfortunately, that combination of portability and power comes with a high price tag, which was why we’re happy to report that B&H is selling them for up to $200 off today in multiple variations. At the lowest end, you can get it for just $1,149, down $150 from the usual price of $1,299.

The 12-inch MacBook is actually kind of fun to write on (although you’ll have to get used to a slightly cramped keyboard) and it’s so light and thin that it practically disappears into your bag. It’s better in that regard than the MacBook Air these days.

The only real problem is that it only comes with a single USB-C port, which almost always gets dedicated to the power cord. That means that any time you want to hook something up—be it a wired mouse, some kind of hub, or even an external monitor—you’ll have to unplug the power cord and replace it for the interim. Fortunately, the battery usually lasts long enough that this isn’t much of a problem.

Here’s what we said about it in our review last year:

"Know that this laptop prioritizes portability over performance. But the performance sacrifice isn’t as big as it once was. Even with the adapters and a USB-C hub you’ll need to buy, the MacBook won’t take up a lot of space in your bag and it won’t weigh you down. And you’ll find a laptop that offers a sweet bang of your buck."

As for the display itself, it has a decent 2304 by 1440 resolution (and it’s much brighter than what you’ll usually get with Chromebooks). If you don’t plan on using it for anything super resource-demanding, it’s the perfect laptop for anyone who likes to work on airplanes or cozy coffee shops.

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