Get Conan Exiles and a platformer we love with many more games in the $12 Humble Monthly Bundle

Get Conan Exiles and a platformer we love with many more games in the $12 Humble Monthly Bundle

The $12 Humble Monthly bundles are one of the best deals available in games, and this month’s selection highlights some fun titles you might not have played yet. Humble Monthly’s August package includes Conan Exiles, A Hat in Time—one of our favorite games last year—and the Escapists 2. Those are the headlining games in the bundle, available immediately, with many more unannounced games scheduled to unlock in seven days if you buy in.

This is a great opportunity to try Conan Exiles. The game’s been pretty popular since it launched, but also somewhat divisive. If you look at the reviews on Steam players say there are still some problems with server crashes, lost progress and crafting, and other bugs even though the game left Early Access earlier this year. At the same time, many of those negative reviews still say it’s well worth it at the Humble Monthly price of $12–the regular price on Steam is $40.

Even if you wind up bouncing off Conan, you’ll still have a bunch of other games for roughly the cost of a large pizza.

A Hat in Time made our list of the best indie games of 2017. It’s normally $30 on Steam, and we liked it for its “upbeat charm” and as a spiritual successor to platformers like Mario 64. We haven’t reviewed The Escapists 2, but it’s $20 on Steam and is pretty well-regarded by players. Both of these games run on Macs, too.

A grab bag of even more games is scheduled to unlock in seven days, on July 3. You’ll get them even if you subscribe to Humble Monthly earlier than that for trio of games above. Humble never reveals which titles are included in Monthly bundles except for the ones that unlock instantly, but past bundles included either eight or nine games total, and they’re never stinkers.

Beyond the games included in the bundle, a portion of all Humble Monthly sales go to charity, and Monthly subscribers also get a 10 percent discount on games in the Humble Store. You also get membership to the Humble Trove, a collection of 50-plus games you can play for free. (It includes some surprisingly great and well-known titles.)

If you sign up for this bundle don’t forget you are signing up for a subscription service. If you only want the August bundle be sure to cancel your subscription before the September charge kicks in—but Humble Monthly has been a heck of a deal month-in and month-out so far.

[Today’s deal: Conan Exiles, A Hat in Time, The Escapists 2, and more games for $12 on Humble Monthly.]

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