AirPods are now available on Amazon for the lowest price we've ever seen
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AirPods are now available on Amazon for the lowest price we've ever seen

There was a time not too long ago when the very fact that you could find Apple’s AirPods on Amazon counted as news, as the beloved Bluetooth headphones sold out within hours after they appeared. Now, though, we’re starting to see the first noteworthy discounts. Head over to Amazon today, and you can get them for just $144.99, down from the usual price of $159.00.

Once thought a novelty, AirPods have easily become one of Apple’s hottest recent products. You see them on sidewalks about as commonly as you see streets here in San Francisco, and it’s not that hard to understand why.

They’re the perfect true wireless Bluetooth earbuds for walking commuters. The sound is much more impressive than what we got with the EarPods, and the AirPods still allow in enough of the outside world to hear when you need to have a conversation. (Yes, I consider that a plus.) When the music’s not playing, I sometimes forget they’re even in my ears.

You can set double-taps on either earbud to activate Siri or play or pause the music. The niftily designed case itself charges the AirPods—so long as you have the case charged—and it’s ridiculously easy to pair with your iPhone. For that matter, they activate the second you put them in your ears, and you can temporarily pause the audio for conversations just by pulling out one of the buds.

One reason for the sudden discounts may simply be that Apple’s inventory is finally reaching demand. But there’s also a significant chance that Apple will deliver an update for the AirPods sometime later this year, as rumors have been trending in that direction for some months now.

The new versions will almost certainly be more expensive (or at least priced the same), so if you’re mainly wanting to save some cash, this is a good offer to jump on. And even in their current incarnation, they're more than worth it.

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