Get the ultra-portable 12-inch MacBook for $400 off Roman Loyola

Get the ultra-portable 12-inch MacBook for $400 off

The scrappy 12-inch MacBook is my favorite of the MacBooks, even though it only has a single USB-C port and it lacks the sheer power of the MacBook Pros. But it’s so darn portable. It’s so capable. And today on Amazon’s Woot site, it’s on sale for just $899.99, down $400 from the normal retail price of $1,299.

Here are a few additional specs:

  • 2017 model
  • 1.2GHz Intel Core m3 Dual-Core chip
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • Intel HD Graphics 615

As we said in our review, it's easily one of the best laptops available for someone on the move. It’s thin and light enough that it practically disappears in my bag, but it’s also powerful enough that I can edit images in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom with zero problems.

For that matter, I can even play World of Warcraft on it (so long as I keep the settings cranked to the minimum). After using this machine for so long, all of the Pro models seem uncomfortably large.

I can see myself using this notebook for several years. Keep in mind, though, that a persistent rumor claims that Apple may soon release a new “low-cost” laptop, but knowing Apple, “low-cost” can be interpreted rather liberally.

For that matter, if Apple does manage to make a more affordable MacBook, there’s a good chance it won’t have anywhere near the oomph in this guy. These rumors have been swirling about for most of the year, too, so there’s no guarantee that “soon” means the next couple of months.

The only significant limitation on this machine is its single USB-C port, which means you’ll need to stop charging it if you want to plug in something else, whether it be an external monitor, a wired mouse, or an external hard drive. You’ll also need a dongle.

Honestly, I rarely see this as a problem. Portability is the primary focus on this machine, and it’s amazing for that. With its built-in keyboard and mouse support along with its size and weight, I’ve basically come to think of it as a more useful iPad.

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