Waze now supports Apple CarPlay
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Waze now supports Apple CarPlay

When it comes to map apps, Google Maps holds the crown. Apple’s Maps updates are substantial and welcome, but are rolling out slowly. 

But when it comes to driving navigation, there’s just no beating Waze. The popular app is laser-focused on taking you from point A to point B in your car, and uses a huge community of users to report hazards, accidents, speed traps, cameras, and more. Waze’s combination of great map and traffic data and community conditions reports make it an unbeatable navigation app when you’re behind the wheel.

You can see why today’s an exciting day for drivers with CarPlay. Waze fans have long lamented the Apple Maps-only nature of CarPlay, and the first question on everyone’s lips when Apple announced third-party CarPlay maps in iOS 12 was, “When is Waze coming?”

Google Maps released an update with support for CarPlay the day after iOS 12’s release, but we can’t fault Waze for being just a little bit behind. iOS 12 is only a week old, and the CarPlay support update is already here.

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