Box puts automation at the heart of its product vision

Box puts automation at the heart of its product vision

Enterprise cloud storage vendor Box is increasingly looking to help its customers automate repetitive or mundane business tasks.

Speaking to Computerworld UK during a UK visit, Jeetu Patel, chief product officer and chief strategy officer at Box, explained how the company's product roadmap aligns with three goals.

"If you think of the higher order problems that we are solving right now there are three categories," Patel explained. "The first one is helping our customers with building a better digital workplace, so giving employees the tooling to be more productive, transparent and collaborative with each other so their organisation can operate in a more efficient and agile manner and innovate faster. That's probably the one we have been solving for the longest amount of time, that's the core of what we do."

"The second area is what we call digital business, so helping the company itself operate as a digital company rather than an analogue company. So everything from how they engage with customers to business processes and supplier and partner networks and how they engage with those people and create a level of agility in those external engagements and automate business processes. That's probably the newest venture we have gotten in to over the past three years and we have been investing pretty heavily in that area."

"The third is security, data protection, privacy and compliance to make sure we can continue to keep innovating there in a meaningful way."

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