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It is impossible to ignore the fact that across the board everyone is jumping on the AI band wagon from tech giants, to entire countries. Now, with AI gathering momentum and heading towards the workplace, the focus can vary from scaremongering, to how AI will solve world problems from cancer to cybercrime.

Here’s everything you need to know.


AI: The basics

AI in the workplace

Preparations to welcome AI colleagues into the workplace are underway.


Is AI helping or hindering IT defenders?

CTO Steve Grobman discusses how AI can help, or hinder, IT cybersecurity teams.


Is the cloud the key to democratizing AI?

Leading cloud providers believe they can make AI accessible to businesses of all sizes.


AI for security professionals

We interview one of the authors of Cylance’s AI for security professionals and offer the full book for download.


Are humans the final solution in the face of AI onslaught?

Data scientists have the power to make a choice on our futures.


AI as disruptor

How to prepare for AI in the workplace

Graham Hogg, founder and CEO of Connectworxs, discusses the need to restructure traditional business models when incorporating AI.  


Are chatbots really transforming business?

We examine the rapid rise of chatbots and how they have impacted the business world.


Tech initiatives in the Middle East

We explore the UAE’s plan to dominate the tech market through investment in AI.


Leading the AI charge

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about Microsoft’s vision for an AI-shaped world.


The next wave of disruption graph-based machine learning  

We look at the pros and cons of machine learning and graph technology and how the two are now working together.


AI will cut medical errors, improve cancer diagnosis 

US firm, Clearview Diagnostics, is first to market with an AI ‘doctor’.


Bonus: Remember this? In May 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue beat the chess world champ.


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