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Everything you need to know about… Big Data

The Big Data hype isn’t new, but it shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re just at the beginning of the big data journey or ready for the next frontier, getting big data right is incredibly important. From the Internet of Things, to car manufacturers, big data looks set to have a significant role in business, so it’s best to get prepared.

 Here’s everything you need to know.


Big data basics

What is open metadata and why should you care?

A look at how open metadata allows businesses to find and analyze massive amounts of data efficiently.

Big data makes data storage a tad difficult

Virtually every business event generates data, and that data need to be stored. The question is, where to store it?

A CIOs Guide to effective data analytics

A CIOs ability to effectively analyse company data is paramount to getting a handle on big data.

The next wave of disruption: Graph-based machine learning  

We look at the pros and cons of machine learning and graph technology and how the two are now working together.


Industry opinion

How Formula 1 evolved into a data-first sport on wheels

As race teams accumulate more data, Formula 1 looks more and more to predictive analytics.

AI teammates could be the key to getting big data right

Connectworxs CEO Graham Hogg discusses how working with machines will help businesses get big data right.

Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly on law enforcement and fake news  

Big data is a key weapon in fighting terrorists says Cloudera chief.

Audi puts open source big data foundations in place for car usage data

Matthias Graunitz and Carsten Herbe, two big data architects from Audi, discuss how a big data foundation helps Audi store new data sources to learn from.  

Data science needs a place on the STEM curriculum

TIBCO’s Mark Palmer argues that data science must be included in STEM.

What awaits discovery within ‘dark data’?

Bob Laurent, Vice President of Product Marketing at Alteryx Inc., says the overwhelming majority of unstructured data is never analysed. So what can we do about it?

Just how in-demand are big data skills?

Chiara Pensato from Alteryx Inc looks at the future of big data skills.

Q&A: How data analytics can identify toxic work environments

We speak to Dave Weisbeck from Visier, which uses employee data to discover (often negative) social trends in the workplace.


Life-changing data around the world

How IoT and big data are tackling Africa’s problems

IoT projects in Africa are generating data that could help Africa deal with its biggest difficulties.

Can data change lives in India?

A New Delhi start-up is helping to police social progress through analytics and visualization.


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How Formula 1 evolved into a data-first sport on wheels »
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