News Roundup: The EU Votes Down Controversial Copyright Law

A roundup of the week’s technology news including EU copyright law, a Samsung phone glitch and the latest security news.


EU copyright law

MEPs this week voted down a somewhat controversial piece of copyright legislation that many argued would align the EU more closely with the principles of the digital age. The proposal would have put the onus on websites to check for cases of copyright infringement and pay when they link to a news story and was largely supported by musicians who argued that websites are exploiting their content and causing them to lose out on royalties.

Opponents of the bill complained that it would stifle creativity and freedom on the internet and said that charging websites like Facebook and Google to host news stories would ultimately lead to a ‘link tax’ and cause issues when embedded links are included within the body of an article. Those against the legislation also claim that enforcing the use copyright filters similar to those that already exist on websites such as YouTube would not only be expensive but could cause things that are created using repurposed content, like memes or remixes for example, to effectively be banned.

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