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Handling the transitional period when leaving your job as a CIO

A CIO may decide to leave an organization for a number of reasons, but in most circumstances, they will want to leave their jobs gracefully. So frequent is the merry-go-round and so influential is a network in the industry that it’s likely they will come across personnel again, and in some cases, they may even recruit former staff to work on their team.

So, what is the best way to leave?

This isn’t about the way notice is given to a line manager or CEO, but more about the transitional period after handing in that notice.

It is in a CIO’s interest to leave the organization’s IT function in the best possible way as it reinforces the work they’ve done to get it to that place, and this enables them to maintain credibility and respect from staff and peers.

But CIOs can play a number of different roles within a business, and it can therefore depend on what kind of an IT leader they are, before deciding how to handle the transitional period.

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Sooraj Shah

Sooraj Shah is a freelance technology journalist whose key focus is on how IT leaders are transforming their organisations using emerging technology. 

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