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The real meaning of… Trolledge

Trolledge is a real thing. Someone should tell the creator of Pages, because it refuses to let anyone type this word. Proof, if it were necessary, of how some IT ‘thought leaders’ only really want to limit all our horizons, even imposing boundaries on our vocabulary.

By the same token, you would expect that Trolledge would refer to the limited intellectual capacity of someone who takes all their cues from the internet. A person who takes their prejudices online, and seeks to impose their misery on others, is sometimes labelled a troll. The great thing about the internet is that there’s room enough to confirm everyone’s prejudices - bigotry is a very broad church - so there is always a website that matches even the most disturbed minds. Naturally, you would assume that these silos of spite would be called The Trolledge. 

The Trolledge, in this context, would be something I’d expect from an Uber car driver. A blind belief in everything that’s seen on a glowing screen. 

London’s taxi drivers, by contrast, have to assimilate their knowledge by gathering intelligence, experience and contextual information by actually going into the real world. This process of gathering genuine intelligence scales up the brains of the taxi drivers, as studies have shown, by ramping up the capacity of the hippocampus of each driver. Now that’s what I call a ‘transformation’. Nobody else should be able to use that word, as it’s been rendered meaningless by over-use. You don’t ‘transform’ a business just by adding a few servers. 

The word Trolledge, does need an infusion of new life though. It’s already been nabbed by Pascal and its means a ‘multi-platform open source code editor’. 

Remember that next time you get some appalling online abuse. The writer probably suffers from open sores.


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Nick Booth worked in IT in the UK’s National Health Service, financial services and The Met Police, witnessing at first hand the disruptive effects of new technology. As a journalist and analyst, his mission is to stop history repeating itself.

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