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Five things to say about the Apple Watch

You can’t be the first one on the block to know all about the Apple Watch because Cupertino announcements today are made in the glaring light of the public domain. But you can read this article to have some slightly differentiated opinions from the masses.

The Apple Watch is a Nailed-on Success. Before, the media might make predictions one way or the other. Lots of people thought the iPhone would fail. Some thought the iPad would fail. Now, such is the heft of the iOS ecosystem, Apple would need to release a Newton MessagePad-style stinker for the Watch not to sell millions of units. Not everybody will want one but the Watch will be an iterative, complementary add-on to the Apple technology wardrobe.

The Time Is Now. Apple showed with the iPhone and the iPad that it is masterful at learning from the mistakes of others and there have been enough failed products in the smartwatch sector for it not to be going in cold. Apple is often seen as the world’s great innovative company but in a way it has become closer to Dell and a new kind of what marketing types would call a ‘fast follower’. 

Apple Watch will be Bigger Than Many Big Companies. The numbers are staggering: a pre-order of five to six million devices will equate to a multibillion-dollar revenue business from the off if units sell out. Apple recently became the most valuable company ever to appear of the US markets but Apple Watch would almost instantly be big enough to float as a separate entity.

The Price Doesn’t Matter. Technology, or at least the junction where technology meets fashion, appears to be immune from economics. Apple is a luxe brand but it prospers in boom or recession. That’s why comparing Apple price points for its Watch with other smartwatch marques is like comparing… well, apples with pears.

We’ve Seen This Movie Before. The Apple new-product media meme is as predictable as the Police Academy movie franchise so we should all expect: battery life complaints, health scare stories, third-party add-ins, security frights, spoofs and momentarily hilarious YouTube skits. Oh and list stories – lots of list stories.


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