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Andrea Bertone (Europe): The Role of Online Recruitment in the Changing World of Work

It is fascinating to think that where and whom we work for is changing so much. It wasn’t so long ago that the one job career was common place. Now people may work for more than ten different companies in their career.

That is of course if they work full time for a company at all. The corporate ladder of today lets people be much more flexible about making work who they are, rather than what they do. In the future it is likely that more people will become their own bosses and work on a series of projects for different companies rather than being tied to one employer.

Employers themselves are already becoming more flexible about how they employ people. Recent years have seen a boom in interim and contract working and technology that allows much of the work to be location neutral. It is looking more and more likely that, at some point in the near future, the idea of the office as a fixed geographical space will be considered very old fashioned.

This new world of work is already starting to present some unique challenges:

  • From a job seeker’s perspective, connecting with companies that are looking for their skills will have to start taking place outside of the parameters of a traditional job hunt. Social and professional networks will undoubtedly help in this but Monster’s research has shown that job seekers are still looking for destinations on the web that are dedicated to helping them with their careers. They are also looking to cut through the baffling amount of information on the web to find things that are most relevant to them
  •  From an employer’s perspective sorting through CVs is a genuine pain point as their briefs become more open and flexible. Not only that but professional networks are throwing up an increasingly large amount of data to shift through when trying to source the talent of the future

I think the role of online recruitment in this future world of work is clear. It needs to bring companies and job seekers together on the web in a way that is targeted, efficient and flexible. The days of simple job posting are numbered. I’ll talk about that in more detail in future posts but I’d also like to hear any other opinions out there.

Andrea Bertone is CEO of Europe,


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