Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Norman Villanueva (South America) - What Your ERP System Says About Your Company

Did you know that what enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution you choose reveals what your company is like? Do you recognize yourself in one of these?

1.    “We chose the most expensive ERP solution.”

What it says about your company: Brand and quality is important to you. Brand criteria came high on the list during your selection process. You know which the best brands are and you can afford them. But don’t forget that the more expensive the solution and/or licensing, the higher the maintenance costs will be in the long term. You are a company with purchasing power and you are well informed about the top IT brands (you probably also sell expensive products and services).

2.    “We chose the most cost efficient ERP solution.”

What it says about your company: In business it’s important to find the best possible deal. If you run a ten employees business, perhaps you don’t require a sophisticated, branded, ERP tool, but if your company is growing, you look for an ERP that can cope with expansion plans. You probably run a small business with limited production level or services, which is perfect if you target a small, segmented market. Or you might be a company in expansion.

3.    “We chose an industry-specific ERP solution.”

What it says about your company: Vertical industry solutions (for manufacturing, distribution, services, etc.) are widely available today. These can be highly relevant to an organization’s core business and often offer a higher quality solution for specific processes. Their price ranges vary, but are a wise bet. If you choose such a solution it shows that you have detailed knowledge of your company’s business processes, and you are committed to quality and results.

4.    “We chose an in-house developed ERP solution.”

What it says about your company: If you still work with an in-house developed ERP system today it means it’s time to change. It implies that you may not have updated your IT platform for quite a few years. The worst case scenario is if you have independent and disconnected systems, resulting in inaccurate information and perhaps even shortages of raw materials or finished products. Information holes may show up as inaccurate reports, delayed product delivery or supplier payments. It shows that you are resistant to change.

5. “We chose an ERP solution that runs in the Cloud.”

What it says about your company: You have a clear definition of IT vision and growth. You understand that you have to choose a cloud solution that is flexible and enables you to avoid investing large amounts of money when you want to migrate to a new ERP solution.  It shows that you demonstrate a thorough understanding of your essential business processes and you know what the results should be for the size of your organization.

The best ERP solution for any company is the one that can smoothly manage the highest percentage of a company’s operations. The ERP solution that helps you to maximize the visibility and control of your business operations and make it grow well into the future is the one that will work best for your enterprise.

By Norman Villanueva, Territory Manager for Epicor Software Mexico


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