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The Rise of BYOD

As Cloud computing continues to thrive more and more companies are embracing the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon. Matt Price of Cloud-based customer service provider Zendesk, explores how Cloud is changing the way we work and how this can benefit companies of all sizes.

The Bring Your Own Device phenomenon – whereby employees use their own personal devices for work purposes – has been around for a good few years now, as companies continue to embrace the way mobile technology is transforming the way we conduct our lives.

Mobile phones, tablets and notebooks provide a more flexible way of working that appeals to forward-thinking companies — latest research from Gartner suggests that by 2017, half of employers may impose a mandatory BYOD policy — requiring staff to bring their own laptop, tablet and smartphone to work.

Over 60% of our customers are using one of our mobile apps and that figure has doubled over the past two years – reflecting the growing trend. Typical cases for iPad or mobile use include on-the-go teams: support agents who aren’t desk based but travel among offices or sites (such as the University of Lincoln) or business that need to provide 24/7 support (such as Expedia). It allows managers and agents to check in on the go; just like all of us scan email or Facebook and Twitter, support teams want to know what they’re walking into at a glance, at any time of day.

Our increasing reliance on using mobile devices in the workplace goes hand in hand with Cloud computing which continues to grow in popularity thanks to browser-delivered flexibility. As one of the decade’s most significant advances in the computing world, Cloud has a far-reaching impact on the way companies and brands interact with their customers.

At Zendesk we help companies deliver the best Cloud based customer service solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Conversations are at the heart of everything we do. We follow what we call a “mobile first” philosophy because more customer service teams are mobile users first; a prime example being New Zendesk which was developed from learning’s from our iOS applications.

Our growing interest in Cloud and mobile-based ways of working is not just driving the way organisations communicate; it can also drive an organisation’s whole direction. Both customers and employees want to conduct business on the go and the Cloud powers it.  

Aside from the cost-efficiencies on hardware and IT, Cloud-based solutions also offer increased productivity levels, as employees are happy to do the work on devices that they favour. It also brings improved infrastructure, better management control and importantly, new business opportunities.

So, as mobile and the Cloud continue to evolve we will continue to see increased productivity, reduced paperwork, and increased business revenue.


Matt Price, VP EMEA, Zendesk


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Matt Price

VP EMEA, Zendesk

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