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Quotes of the week: "Startup fundraising in Silicon Valley wouldn't function without Chinese money."

“Startup fundraising in Silicon Valley wouldn't function without Chinese money.”

Chris Nicholson, chief executive of Skymind.io on the realities of tech funding


“This is an unfortunate move, because it takes a dark path against user choice.”

Ben Williams of Adblock reacting to Facebook’s plan to circumvent adblockers


“We are very disappointed by the AP article published on August 10, which does not accurately reflect the facts of Samsung’s actions. The health and safety of our employees is our number one priority and we continue to do our utmost to safeguard their wellbeing.”

Samsung statement regarding the AP’s claim that the electronics giant prevents workers from accessing chemical information and risking their health in the process


“I think it’s awesome that Travis and his team have done Uber on our platform. It would not exist without our platform, let’s be clear.”

Apple Exec Eddy Cue isn’t shy about giving Apple its credit


“Threats began to be made against the plaintiffs by individuals who were convinced that the perpetrator of internet scamming lived at the residence. State investigators - convinced that the plaintiffs had been involved in an identity theft - came to the residence to take pictures of assets.”

A couple in Kansas sues IP mapping firm MaxMind for $75,000 for “reckless and grossly negligent conduct”


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