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Quotes of the week: Google's Go win, AOL's mullet, & decoding the workforce

“Managers should know they have a much bigger impact than they probably realise. When we throw everything possible in our models to predict attrition we find that someone's manager alone predicts as much of the variance in the models as everything else combined.”

- Michael Housman, who has built a career using big data to “decode the workforce”


“As for AOL it feels like an old brand trapped in its time like a mullet haircut.”

- Martin Veitch on the changing face of tech brands


“We are thrilled to have mastered Go and thus achieved one of the grand challenges of AI.”

- Demis Hassabis, Google DeepMind, on DeepMind’s ‘Go’ victory


“Our quality control system is so aggressive we are more likely to push you away if you are not part of the typical Wikipedian culture.”

- Wikipedia’s Aaron Halfaker on newcomers to the site


“We need to give people the actual experience of travelling in these vehicles and then find out what they make of it instead of trying to predict it.”

- Nick Reed, technical director of the GATEway project


“We are a long way from securing the non-autonomous vehicles, let alone the autonomous ones.”

- Stefan Savage, computer science professor at the University of California at the Enigma security conference


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