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News Roundup: Splits, Ashton Kutcher and Nadella's Gaffe

Let’s do the splits

To paraphrase an old saying about London buses, you wait ages for one technology company to split itself in two and then two come along at once… making four. Or something.

HP and Symantec are dividing themselves in pursuit of nimbleness and focus, leaving many, many large unwieldy companies swollen by acquisition doubtless wondering whether they should follow suit.


Yoga with the stars

Lenovo had a handful of Hollywood fairy dust to chuck around when it launched its new Yoga 2 tablet – Ashton Kutcher. He may seem like just another hired hand to play a dumb ambassadorial role but in fact Kutcher knows his tech and has a smart record in investing. He even got involved in the Lenovo device design and certainly he handled questions about the device well. Two features bear his stamp and look highly attractive: built-in 8-watt speaker with subwoofer plus a projector capability. Nice.   


Let me put that another way…

Satya Nadella reverted hastily to a public statement after he was asked about female pay rates and suggested that women should trust to “karma” if they felt undervalued. The Microsoft CEO clearly had forgotten the four golden rules of handling tricky questions: Don’t. Even. Go. There.


The Valley Oracle

Marc Andreessen has come out of his shell in recent times, giving his opinion on, well, pretty much anything you might want to name. The entrepreneur-turned-investor who has sent out about 32,000 tweets since January according to Cnet, says that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s greatest CEO.


My screen’s bigger than your screen

Is even that 50-inch TV looking small? Not to fear, Microsoft has shown more of its plans for an Xbox video projection system that turns your room into the display. Called RoomAlive, Microsoft is even working on making objects part of the gaming setup. Call it augmented reality, virtual reality… in fact, call it anything you like. Just don’t knock over that urn on the mantelpiece.


Chip ahoy!

AMD lost its CEO Rory Read after three years at the silicon designer’s helm. The Californian company has been trying to reinvent itself recently by focusing on opportunities in embedded systems, gaming consoles and cloud servers. Now it’s over to Lisa Su to take the rudder. Analysts didn’t buy AMD’s story that this was a simple case of logical succession, marking down the company’s shares.


Martin Veitch is Editorial Director at IDG Connect


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