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Social Technology Lessons Learned in Wine Country

In the wine business, understanding the right pairings is a delicate art. At the Bespoke Collection, we’ve found that the only pair more palatable than wine and cheese is wine and social media.

Bespoke is a boutique wine producer and lifestyle brand based in Napa Valley. In addition to offering traditional retail sales, we also provide a curated selection of premium wine and art experiences. Given the focus on premium experiences, we are resolute in finding an emotional connection with our clients. Naturally, social technology has been a helpful tool in discovering these connections and allowing them to thrive
At Bespoke, we focus on attracting the right clients, building deeply involved relationships, allowing for easy transactions, fostering long-term business via loyalty programs and membership, analyzing behavior, and replicating the good while removing the bad. Once this is done, we rinse and repeat, in hopes of producing large-scale results. All of the aforementioned goals are dependent upon active involvement in social technology.

Given our enthusiasm in this arena, I wanted to share some tips we’ve learned about leveraging social technology. At Bespoke, we feel that guest experience is the differentiator that will turn customers into clients and clients into ambassadors. Although these examples are unique to us, any organization interested in forming strong customer connections and attracting relevant audiences can benefit from a taste of social technology’s offerings.

Customer Experience

Bespoke is certainly in the wine business, but the company is really in the experience business. We need to offer our guests a unique experience commensurate with their interests. One way we’re capitalizing on social is enabling our concierge team to proactively research customers’ social status and propensity to purchase via social technology. When significant information is discovered, it is added to the appropriate customer profile. Noting birthdays and anniversaries is just the tip of the iceberg.

Additionally, we often analyze Yelp and TripAdvisor commentary, regardless of rating. If we did an exceptional job, we want to know how to maintain it; if we did a less than exceptional job, we want to know how to improve. This is often achieved by looking at critics’ other posts. We ask: what does a 5-star experience look like to this person? Where else is Bespoke being discussed online? Locating and becoming invested in industry-specific online forums, review sites and blogs is important in understanding your clientele and, therefore, your business.

Identify Decision Makers

Social tools have made identifying and converting leads easier. We recommend a cloud-based tool that connects to your CRM system that you can use to isolate groups of decision makers within various local companies – we use Salesforce Sales Cloud and Based on their title, age and occupation, we have valuable insight into how these prospects fit into our target demographic. From here, in an effort to increase conversion, we dig further into their behaviors and preferences by viewing their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Our next plan for identifying decision makers is analyzing Klout scores and using the sum of our decision-maker research to incentivize various tiers of influence.

Don’t Forget Social’s Secondary Benefits

In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for general marketing purposes, we utilize our Wikipedia pages to help build internal and external links with high-profile partners and customers, which, in turn, establish greater traction, web traffic, and credibility for our brands. This form of marketing is invaluable and easy to accomplish.

The Results (So Far)

While investment has been relatively low, social technology has provided an in-depth look into behaviors beyond simple preferences, frequency and monetary value. It enables Bespoke to add more personal, interest-driven content to our local clients and prospects – resulting in more predictive and tailored experiences. These efforts then equate to more referrals and higher average order value as well as overall guest satisfaction. By placing emphasis on relationship-based sales (vs. transaction-based), Bespoke is able to increase customer retention and satisfaction; this is not possible without concerted social technology efforts. Because it creates long-term benefits, pairing the right social technologies with the right consumers is highly advisable.



Paul Leary is President at Bespoke Collection


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Paul Leary

Paul Leary is President at Bespoke Collection

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