Six hot locations to forge your security career

This is a contributed piece from Simon Wright, Operations Director of CareersinCyber.com


Working abroad has for a long while been regarded as a good thing for your CV. Finding the right path and place is a crucial step in your career development. And while the lure of a tropical beach or a chance to immerse oneself in a very different culture may seem appealing, it is worth remembering that moving to a different location will often mean very different business practices and adapting to a culture very different from what you are used to. While there may be tax advantages, the cost of living could be considerably higher too. 

Before you book your ticket, do take a reality check about your options about moving abroad. As David Haylor, Managing Director at international recruiter IAC adds: "Unless you are a citizen in the country or married to someone who is, you will need to work for a company with headquarters in that region so you are in a position to be relocated.  This isn't that easy as even when a company wants to sponsor you getting a visa isn't an automatic given - particularly in the United States where there only a finite number of visas issued each year."

Still with the demand of cyber security folk at an all-time high, there may be a better chance of getting a top job at one of the following cyber hotspots.


Tel Aviv/Israel

Israel is a major technology hub with more cyber security professionals and data scientists per capita than any other country. Security has always been a priority for Israel and with a heavy focus on cyber security, many companies are recruiting heavily to stay on top of cyber threats. After the US, Israel is the second largest country based on exports of cyber security services. Plus the country has a huge number of tech startups, also fuelling the demand for cyber candidates. Guaranteed sunshine aside, there is valuable experience to be gained by working here. Living expenses can be high so do factor this in when you are negotiating your salary.


California/Silicon Valley

This has long been the tech hub for the US and where some of the top tech giants in the world first started.  Cyber security professionals from overseas could really enhance their CV. The downside is getting a job in the region and the visa restrictions. If you have set your sights on working here then now is the time to start planning and make sure you are working for a company on your home turf which has offices out there.  


New York

With very large US banks and corporations increasing their requirements for cyber security expertise, New York cyber security consultancies are recruiting rapidly to keep up with the demand.  The lure of the Big Apple will suit many young ambitious cyber specialists - the buzz, the fast pace but be prepared that working for a US firm can be long hours. The play hard, work very hard culture still exists although benefits such as holiday and maternity benefits have got better in the recent years but are generally not in line to the generous holiday/work life balances you will find in Europe. The cost of living in New York, like London and Tel Aviv, is also very high.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is leading the way in cyber security in Asia and there is a high demand for professionals within the space. Those already working there describe the incredible buzz and the energy and diversity. Going to Hong Kong will mean you gain a good understanding of the Chinese economy and market however be prepared that accommodation can be very small and the cost of living big. There is generally more flexibility over getting a working visa but again, ideally you will get located from your existing company.



Lots of opportunities here and a shortfall of cyber and information security experts. The UK government announced an £165m ($215m) fund to assist cyber security innovation in the UK and support the development of cyber professionals. This is part of a five year plan costing a total of £1.9bn ($2.5bn) on counteractive cyber threats in the UK. However with the volatile political landscape regarding Brexit, there is no assurance regarding relocation packages and whether those moving overseas will be able to assume all British rights.



Ireland is the home to many major tech companies' and where Microsoft, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, have set up their European headquarters - plus most of Europe's large cyber security firms have based themselves in Ireland. After Brexit, Dublin is tipped to become the gateway to the UK for multinationals so there are plenty of opportunities for those looking for a change of scene, a potential career step up and the buzz and friendliness of the capital city.


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