Why does the cybersecurity message never get through?

Working in information security must be a mixed blessing. On one hand, you are protecting businesses and individuals, triaging and solving complex problems and working with some of the most innovative technologies available on market. And up against ‘black hat’ hackers trying to unlock every door, it really is Good Versus Evil, or David versus Goliath.

Yet on the other hand, being the head security honcho at an organization is not an easy job, nor is it one that promises particularly good job security or longevity. Today’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) may be in high demand but they are the first line of defense, and the immediate fall guy/girl in the event of a security incident.

Furthermore, restricted resources are often amongst the reasons for that incident or breach happening in the first place; CISOs work with boardrooms that rarely understand technology or security (and thus little understanding can mean little budget), and they are regularly pitched by target-driven salesmen pitching a raft of emerging technologies with little to no use cases, or no clear idea as to how these supplement their existing tech stack. No surprise then that it’s reckoned the average CISO lasts little more than 16 months.

18 security experts share their views on whether the role of CISO should be more regulated. Check out: Does the CISO role need to be formalized?


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