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Rant: What tech CEOs want from Donald Trump

There has been much newsprint and there have been many pixels expended on the theme of the incoming President of the United States and his policies on technology. Prior to the election, in an unusual display of political putting-cards-on-the-table, some tech CEOs even broke ranks and put their names against the notion of a Trump regime in that most sanitised form of collective protest, the open letter. In reality, the needs of tech leaders can be enumerated very easily and quickly.

Tax. Tech CEOs would like their companies to pay less, preferably nothing at all. They view the requirement to give back to the nation’s coffers in much the same way as Dracula might view the garlic-garlanded crucifix seen in bright daylight. Trump’s tax repatriation plans will surely have seen a few CEOs quietly scratch a guilty X against his name.

Immigration. It’s well known that American tech CEOs often name their children H-1B after the code that allows untrammelled access to foreign labour, such is their adoration of access to skills. They want H-1Bs for every person on the planet - and an extra billion just in case. Elon Musk’s space exploration project might well involve identifying Venusians with knowledge of Ruby on Rails, cloud orchestration, e-discovery parsing and UX design.

Political interference in business. (See Tax.) Tech CEOs would like it if politicians didn’t get involved in tech and business in any way except perhaps to draft laws that make it explicit that they will have no right ever and in perpetuity - and that definitely means forever, right? - to get involved tech and business apart from sorting out the tax and immigration issues.

Education. Tech CEOs are in favour of more STEM education but will settle for the T if the S, E and M are not available.

Shutting down the internet. Having considered the matter of this possible Trump policy with due care and attention, tech CEOs are generally against the shutting down of the internet.

Other relevant policies that affect tech CEOs. There are no other relevant policies that affect tech CEOs.


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