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Merry Christmas from IDG Connect

Call it the Shock of the Old. A sure sign of having lived to a grand old age is experiencing the sense that life is speeding up like a whirligig. You’re no doubt familiar with fuddy-duddy ancients regaling you with their surprise at how quickly the festive season has returned - well, here’s another one to bore you.

To be fair on myself, it’s not just a scrambled brain that’s leading to this temporal confusion. There’s the fact that Christmas now seems to start in September and accounts for a third of the year. And in many ways the world really is changing faster than ever before. Technological change is a ‘blink/miss it’ affair. The latest must-have smartphone becomes a relic within six months, social networks come, get hyped and exit stage left. Companies start talking up IPO plans within two years of their product launches. Large companies fade before your eyes as you watch their decline like a latter-day Ozymandius.

A conundrum: systems become more efficient and automated and yet we work harder. Email being pushed to us on a BlackBerry caused a seismic change in working hours. The commoditisation of computing, procurement and commerce platforms on the web means we have to work harder to differentiate ourselves.

Christmas can appear to be a corny old affair. We’re rightly suspicious of being sold stories by companies aiming to sell us their wares; we grow nauseated by gaudy lights, cheap music and ubiquitous food. But, whatever our creed, it’s also the one time of year where, for many of us, work is frowned on and we get to spend time away from the everyday hassles of life.

So switch off the phone, tablet, computer or e-reader you’re staring into and have a break - you deserve it.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody, wherever you are in the world from us all at IDG Connect.


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Martin Veitch

Martin Veitch is Contributing Editor for IDG Connect

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