Nitin Mishra (Global) - Partner Ecosystems: Shaping the Future of Cloud Computing Part I

There is a massive transformation happening in the enterprise datacenter business. Virtualization is changing the way applications are delivered and managed to dramatically improve cost efficiency.

Technology service providers are now realizing that a bigger benefit exists in extending virtualization across computing, network, and storage layers. This is because such a widespread virtualization enables a comprehensive datacenter transformation that further improves efficiencies. However, the fact remains that many datacenter architectures are still built around complex, heterogeneous silos of servers and storage systems that result in poor utilization and captive resources.

The biggest headache for service providers is that these key resources require multiple provisioning toolsets, data management processes, and teams to manage them. Add to this the massive growth in the amount of data and the limitations on the power, cooling, and space front and all it does is exert tremendous pressure on the responsiveness of IT departments.

Anyways, if this sounds like your organization, you must also know your top priorities right now - and that is to boost efficiency and reduce costs. The discussion has shifted from ‘whether' you're going to virtualize and transform your datacenter, to ‘when' and ‘how'.

Fortunately you don't have to wait. By using the combined strength of technology service providers like Cisco, NetApp, and VMware, you can realize a virtualized dynamic datacenter today. Together, these players provide virtual infrastructure software and unified storage, server, and network technologies that can be deployed to meet your unique business requirements.

These technologies are integrated, interoperable, and in use at datacenters around the world. All three companies have a powerful global presence and have built a ‘partner ecosystem' on a shared virtualized data center vision since 2003.

This was part one of a four-part series on partner ecosystems on cloud computing. In the second part, we will discuss more about the concept of partner ecosystems, and the advantages that customers can realise from such a revolutionary setup.

By Nitin Mishra, vp product management & solutions engineering, Netmagic Solutions

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