How to pick a blockchain

Last Friday IDG Connect published chapter 19 of ‘Blockchain for Dummies’ which covered the top 10 blockchain projects out there. This week we have another exclusive PDF extract from the book which details you how to choose the right blockchain for your business.

This shows exactly where blockchains add value and demonstrates what the different solutions available might deliver for your business.


What else might your need to know to get to grips with blockchain?

A 101: In August we published the first chapter of Blockchain for Dummies, ‘Getting started with blockchain’, along with an interview with the author Tiana Laurence

Hype aside: Hype vs. reality: The potential in blockchain attempts to make sense of the rabidly complex potential in the blockchain

Cloud parallels: The future of blockchain could be a blend of public, private and hybrid – we look at how blockchain resembles the cloud  

IoT possibilities: This in-depth piece addresses how blockchain could unlock the potential in IoT


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