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North America: 2016 highlights

It’s been quite a year in the US, with questions over whether Clinton or Trump would secure most votes, and then the aftermath of Trump’s victory and experts trying to downplay Trump’s impact. In fact, the most read piece of our North American coverage looked at what a Trump presidency would mean for tech. But we didn’t just look at the election…

So, here’s our pick of our North American tech coverage from the last year.


The big names

Dropbox trades more blows with Box in a fight to the end

Twitter's NFL play: the first nail in the free web's coffin

Why the Facebook trending news controversy is a tipping point

With LinkedIn, Microsoft risks gaining a reputation as a nag

Could a drone datacentre provide emergency aid?


The smaller names

Startup maps journey to automate US freight trucking



Privacy vs. terrorism: Is social media clampdown even possible?

Never mind walls, US border patrol wants more drones

Can the skills shortage square with automation fear?

Why the Pentagon’s declaration of ‘cyberwar’ is a mixed bag



What will Linux and open source look like in 2041?

The future of machine learning in cybersecurity: What can CISOs expect?



New reality allows visits to Mars

How ‘The Martian’ impacted NASA's real-life mission to Mars

Social VR: New 10,000 square miles of ‘idyllic shared’ outdoors

Treating phobias with VR might help push it into the mainstream

Associated Press looks to VR for new chapter in journalism

Silicon Valley the TV series splits tech leaders


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