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Quotes of the week: #TheNextGalaxy, Watson2016, Nissan Leaf

“It’ll be very interesting to see how mobile fans respond. By trying to target two demographics they could either nail both, or fall between two stools by not serving the core appeal of what made the S6 Edge so successful – an innovative form factor with an affordable price tag.”

- Rob Kerr, mobiles expert at uSwitch.com on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge


“Britain has so much to offer the world in terms of science and technology but so far the EU is hindering rather than helping this journey.”

- Steven George-Hilley, Director of Technology at Parliament Street, on Brexit


“IBM's Watson is not running for President, though we're humbled by the suggestion. Right now, Watson is focused on other important work like helping doctors improve healthcare and teachers improve education.”

- Lia P. Davis, Director, of External Communications for Watson, on Watson2016


“…drivers across the world can continue to use their cars safely and with total confidence.”

- Nissan statement after Nissan Leaf hack risk revealed

“I think in [call centres in] 2026 we’ll see headsets that could take biometric readings to alert a contact centre supervisor to listen in on a call when a customer service representative's blood pressure and pulse suddenly increase.”

- Aaron Miller, European CTO at Avaya on workplaces of the future


“We only had freedom of the press the day before yesterday so content formats are going to evolve and change.”

- Yu Yu Din of Wave Digital on Myanmar’s new youth news service, Duwun


“See the weather, see the city, streets, parking lots and other interesting places in real time. This is a really unique and interesting opportunity to see the world through different eyes.”

- Administrator of “Insecam project


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