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InfoShot: Quarter of young Brits would date a robot

Would you date a robot? New research published in April revealed that a quarter of young Brits (aged 18-34) would happily date their ‘perfect match’ robot, provided they couldn’t tell the difference between said robot and a human. Now personally I’m in the other 75%, but I confess I can’t come up with a reason for this other than “It’s weird”.

The same survey also asked about replacing food with pills (I’m with the 62% that said no – who in their right mind would give up food?!); microchip implants (again I’m in the ‘no’ group, along with 52% of Brits); and what the most popular drink would be in 2036 – Tea apparently, as it is now, which just proves I need to step up plans for my Vimto Revolution…



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Kate Hoy

Kate Hoy is Editor of IDG Connect

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