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Quotes of the Week: "The apex of all the terrible things that can go wrong."


“Machines should only do what humans cannot. Only in this way can we have the opportunities to keep machines as working partners with humans, rather than as replacements. Thirty years later, the Time magazine cover for the best CEO of the year very likely will be a robot.”

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma on the future


“Our users are the heart of our company and service. So it was heartbreaking to see that some of our users were upset to learn about how we monetize our free service.”

Unroll.me CEO Jojo Hedaya in a Medium blog after it was revealed his company sells customer data


“Autonomous vehicles are at the apex of all the terrible things that can go wrong. Cars are already insecure, and you’re adding a bunch of sensors and computers that are controlling them…If a bad guy gets control of that, it’s going to be even worse.”

Former Uber and now Didi security expert Charlie Miller on the security of autonomous cars


“I think this is a pretty pathetic incident because it shows how spineless the drunk guys in Silicon Valley really are because they attack a victim who doesn't even have any arms.”

Mountain View resident Eamonn Callon commenting on a local incident where  a drunken man attacked a security robot


“To say it is rare to use Fitbit records would be safe. It is a great tool for investigators to use. We can also get the information much faster than some other types of evidence such as DNA tests.”

District attorney Craig Stedman commenting on a case where Fitbit data was used in a murder investigation


“I played you. I'm not in as good a shape. I didn't exercise or eat as well as you did, but I played you.”

Tom Hanks jokingly telling Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey he was the inspiration for his character in the upcoming film, The Circle, in which Hanks portrays the CEO of a technology company



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