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Alibaba's top notch PR for globalisation

Not so long ago the US didn’t really care about tech in emerging markets. Techmeme.com, a staple of aggregated tech news was resolutely US focused. And those companies that mostly operated outside the US were lucky if they got a patronising nod… anywhere.

Now the Alibaba IPO has changed all that. Chinese and, to a lesser extent, Indian eCommerce companies are suddenly big news. And while it may all sound like madness, you can almost imagine the venture capitalists shaking their heads in wonder at the vast untapped world of exploding populations (and business), all desperate to buy.

Yet Alibaba is still the poster child for China and as if to prove the point, today it launched the first B2B eCommerce competition to determine new SME industry leaders in Hong Kong. Applications for the competition are open until February 13 and SMEs can submit their applications via the Alibaba.com Hong Kong site, which interestingly, only has 1127 likes at present.

My guess is that the local Facebook score will go up quite quickly - there is nothing like an incentivised competition to generate plenty of publicity for everyone. And no doubt once the dust has settled, swarms of international investors will have a lovely time picking over the winners… because it really is impossible to ignore the fact that global eCommerce is extremely lucrative indeed.


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