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Quotes of the week: "Yes, I'm grumpy"

“Yes, I'm grumpy…excuse me for being upset that people still do this shit almost 15 years later.”

Linus Torvalds is unhappy buggy crap made it into the latest version of Linux


“Our civil liberties are not burdens; they are what make our country great. Encryption is good for our national security. It’s good for our economy. We should be strengthening encryption, not weakening it.”

Texas Congressman Will Hurd stands up for your liberties


“I maintain the Turing Test for us is if the air traffic controller cannot tell he's talking to an unmanned aircraft. We're going to have thousands of aircraft flying, around the world.”

Facebook’s Martin Gomez – who is in charge of the Project Aquila internet-drone unit – wants Facebook filling our skies


“We are building out Azure as the first AI supercomputer.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella clearly has plans to take over the world


“I feel 50 pounds lighter. I feel free as a bird.”

Venture Capital investor Marc Andreessen on how he feels about quitting Twitter


“I think in some ways the Secretary of Transportation, for tech, may be the most important pick [Hillary Clinton] makes. They’re going to oversee all the autonomous vehicle stuff on both cars and trucking, and they oversee the FAA, so that’s drone policy. It’s really important that the sector use its influence, whatever they have with her, to get someone good.”

Political consultant Bradley Tusk on why it’s not all about Clinton/Kaine


“There will be a new step in human evolution where Homo sapiens evolves into what one might call “Homo Connecticus””.

Robotics expert Raj Reddy on the next step of human evolution, assuming the machines don’t wipe us out


“As we expanded Marketplace access, we encountered a technical issue that prevented our reviewing system from identifying some posts that violated our commerce policies and community standards. As a result, certain posts with content that violated our policies were made visible to people visiting Marketplace.”

Facebook were forced to apologies after guns, drugs and baby hedgehogs appeared on their new Marketplace


“She heard what I said, we ladies can do two things at the same time you know.”

Norway’s Liberal Party leader Trine Skei Grande after the country’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg was caught playing Pokémon Go during Grande’s speech


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