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Quotes of the week: Email hook-ups, angry bees & mythical unicorns

“There have probably been more hook-ups on email.”

Mimecast CEO Peter Bauer jokes about his company’s IPO and that of Match.com


“Thanks to the investment that we have made during the last Parliament, just as our adversaries can use a range of actions against us, from the virtual to the physical, so we are making sure that we can employ a full spectrum of actions in response. We reserve the right to respond to a cyber attack in any way that we choose.”

UK Chancellor George Osborne lays out security spending plans


“Every business needs to be a digital business and if it does not become a digital business it will become extinct.”

Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO on what’s underlying the API Economy


“There is so much talk about unicorns. Unicorns are mythical beings! I’m not an economist.”

- Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey as the latter IPOed (via Forbes)


A traditional command and control approach to tackling the threat of cyberterrorism is “akin to using a chainsaw to engage a swarm of angry bees”

- cyber expert, Cameron Brown on cyberterrorism strategies


“Apple has put aesthetics ahead of understanding and usability.”

Don Norman defends his criticism of Apple’s design


“The future of banking … will be decided by seven, eight and nine-year-olds.”

- Paul Connolly, director of the MCA Think Tank sees huge potential for disruption in the banking industry


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