Most wanted B2B tech in 2018

It’s the holiday season! To celebrate, here’s your obligatory clickbait predictions listicle.

Unsure what technology projects to invest in this year? Need ideas on where you can innovate? We’ve got you covered.


Here's the list of tech that offices won't want to be without next year:


New ways to interact

Typing is so 2017. It’s all about voice. In the office, you’ll want as many voice based services as possible; digital assistants to book your meetings, handle customer complaints for you, manage your IT infrastructure, remediate security issues, order you lunch, and anything else. If you want something more tactile, some companies are working on ways to bring VR experiences into operations.

On the customer facing side, every service you offer should have a voice input option, an AI assistant, and maybe a VR/AR UI as well.



If you make, move, or touch anything, remove as many people from the process as possible. Fleshbag humans don’t belong in factories, kitchens, or warehouses. You’ll be hailed as a pioneer of automation and the new post-work society.

New coding skills

Java? Pah. C? Phooey. It’s all about trendy new languages. Get aboard the Kotlin train. The Dart bandwagon. The Julia craze. It’s time to throw out your legacy code and ancient syntax and get up to date. Even Go and Swift are looking blasé in comparison.


Last year’s big ones continued

Blockchain is being looked at by every company that’s bored of your average digital transformation stuff. Basic Machine Learning is almost de rigueur for any new piece of software (expect everyone to graduate to ‘Deep Learning’ stuff in the year ahead), and you’re just not cool if you’re not talking about containers and microservices.

The Cloud (but on-prem)

There might be that one person who hasn’t heard of the Cloud, but for everyone else, it’s about Cloud 2.0: Not only should every company be hyping up the fact they offer the same service across all the major Cloud providers, but that they can offer seamless transition from one to the other (the so-called ‘Multi-Cloud’). Expect more talk of ‘Cloud-like’ on-prem; whether more Cloud-like capabilities or just subscriptions for on-prem hardware, the Cloud is coming for you.


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Dan Swinhoe

Dan is a journalist at CSO Online. Previously he was Senior Staff Writer at IDG Connect.

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