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Wales: Happy St David's Day - 1st online Eisteddfod

At nearly 21,000 square kilometres in size, Wales is far smaller than Scotland or Ireland, but just like the other Celtic nations it has its own unique culture, customs and language... that people outside the region often forget about.

For Wales, a big part of all this is St David’s Day, an event that is marked by Eisteddfodau – local arts festivals - across the land. And this year WalesOnline has launched its first ever online Eisteddfod where singers, artists and photographers have submitted their work via email to be included.

This may be a small thing, and frankly a bit gimmicky, but it is another excellent local example of the growing online universe and how smaller, rural nations are making this space their own. In fact, over the last year, some very interesting tech stories have emerged from across Wales. Some of which really have been really quite surprising…

The National Theatre of Wales is leading the way in digital arts

Digital theatre has proved the sort of challenge that numerous cutting edge theatre companies have struggled to crack. Yet at the end of last year it was the National Theatre of Wales that delivered a truly innovative online experience that had not been seen before. Part psychology experiment, part interactive theatre, this offered a unique insight into what it might be like to be a surveillance guard… or refugee. I, for one, was extremely impressed and couldn’t quite believe where it came from.


South Wales is re-inventing itself as a centre for cyber security 

For years the scarred South Wales valleys were the just another abandoned leftover from Britain’s mining industry past. Physically isolated, the towns went to seed and quickly became populated with disenfranchised youths with no real hope for the future. Now, as cloud services allow anywhere to become a business centre, cheaper parts of the country are coming into their own. And so, with its wealth of universities and relatively good transport links, South Wales is rapidly becoming a recognised centre for cyber security excellence.


Iranian Comtek CEO is championing local entrepreneurialism

Askar Sheibani, CEO of Comtek, grew up in Tabriz, Iran’s fourth largest city and the capital of the East Azerbaijan Province, where he began his own entrepreneurial journey. Now based in north Wales, he is using his considerable experience to inspire and mentor young entrepreneurs and has even been appointed ‘Entrepreneurship Champion’ for the country. He might be an unlikely spokesperson for the region but this could be exactly the sort of assistance that Welsh entrepreneurs need. 

Read more - Q&A Comtek, CEO: Entrepreneurialism in Wales


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