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Rant: You keep using that word…

As a journalist, you go to a lot of conferences. You hear a lot of people talk about similar stuff, and become numb or indifferent to a lot of the spiel. Which is good. Means you can whittle the good from the chaff. But it can also get very grating sometimes. Case in point: the word “exciting”.

The number of events, talks, seminars, and even interviews where I’m assured something is “exciting”, “interesting”, or “cool” is almost diabolical. “Game-changing” and “Step-change” you see less, but still more than they should be uttered for incremental product polishes.

More often than not you probably mean “useful”, “necessary”, “important” or maybe “required”. I understand these aren’t sexy words, but sometimes a slight upgrade to your product doesn’t need to generate pant-wetting squeals from your evangelists and social media thought leaders.

There are a few exceptions obviously, although most companies are guilty of this at some stage. But, just to be safe, you should probably assume what you’re working on isn’t actually that “exciting”, even to the people who think it’s the most useful product ever created.

Keep making out like everything is the most exhilarating combination of code and user interface and people become numb to your hyperbole. And then you’ll be really disappointed if/when you actually release something exciting and no one gives a monkey’s.


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Dan Swinhoe

Dan is a journalist at CSO Online. Previously he was Senior Staff Writer at IDG Connect.

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