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Quotes of the week: "The beauty of the headphone cable is just like the beauty of a tampon string"

“In light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices, the Federal Aviation Administration strongly advises passengers not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage.”

The FAA advises customers against charging/using Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 on flights in case the battery explodes


“The beauty of the headphone cable is just like the beauty of a tampon string: it is there to help you keep track of a very important item, and help you fish it out of whatever nook and cranny it might have fallen into.”

The Guardian’s Julia Carrie Wong on Apple’s jack-less iPhone 7/Airpods announcement


“[W]hen hyperlinks are posted for profit, it may be expected that the person who posted such a link should carry out the checks necessary to ensure that the work concerned is not illegally published.”

The European Court of Justice ruling in favour of Playboy over hyperlinks to copyrighted content


“The search algorithm is guided by relative frequencies of words appearing in past queries and member profiles, it is not anything to do [with] gender.” But a fix has been rolled out to “explicitly recognise people’s names”.

LinkedIn denies its site search is sexist, but changes its algorithm just in case


“Our database had a lot more white people than, say, Indian people. Because of that, it’s possible that our algorithm was biased.”

Bot designed to judge totally objective view of beauty turns out to be racist


“If Donald Trump wins, the country will fall backward, and become more isolated from the global community.”

Facebook cofounder, Dustin Moskovitz, on why he’s pledged $20 million to fight Trump


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