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Quotes of the Week: "You lie!"

“When Evan [Spiegel] climbs Mt. Shasta and has a vision that Snap should be an animal rights organization, then you’re gonna be in real trouble, and that’s a serious risk.”

Erik Gordon of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business on Snap Inc’s control structure post-IPO


“I told prime minister we are very optimistic about the UK's future. We are double downing on a huge headquarters in the Battersea area, and we are leaving significant space there to expand and so we are a big believer in UK. The UK will be just fine.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaking on UK TV this week


“Is a company a sandbox for the CEO, or is the CEO an employee? If he’s an employee, he needs a boss, and that boss is the board. The chairman runs the board. How can the CEO be his own boss?

Statement from a group of Facebook shareholders calling for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to step down from the board of the directors


“While we don’t know what the right answer will be, or whether UBI will prove useful or feasible, this is an important first step on generating data, so that policymakers can make informed decisions.”

Blog from Omidyar Network on why eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s foundation is investing $500 million into Universal Basic Income pilots


“VIZIO facilitated appending specific demographic information to the viewing data, such as sex, age, income, marital status, household size, education level, home ownership, and household value…VIZIO sold this information to third parties, who used it for various purposes, including targeting advertising to consumers across devices.”

FTC statement on VIZIO’s $2.2 million fine after the company was found to be using its TVs to collect viewing data on 11 million consumer TVs without consumers’ knowledge or consent


“We do not produce enough technically qualified candidates in this country. You can't take an 18-month training program and produce a machine-learning scientist."

GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving warning that the US will suffer as a result of stricter H-1B Visa restrictions


“With ours, you can wear it. You won’t be embarrassed.”

Vuzix CEO Paul Travers promising his company’s new AR glasses won’t make you a Glasshole


“I just wanted to shout “You lie!”. By the end, after seven cases of “absolutely certain”, I was wondering if gangsters had kidnapped his grandchildren and were holding them for ransom.”

Oculus CTO John Carmack reflecting on the recent Zenimax vs Oculus lawsuit over copied code



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