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8 quirky things from Sage's high profile summit speakers

Big company events are all about hype, hoopla and bums on seats. And everyone knows the more impressive you make your line up the more people will turn up and tweet about you. Sage’s strategy for its 2015 summit has been all about big global ideas for small businesses everywhere.

You’ll find the more quirky highlights below – be warned though – this has precious little to do with accounting software:

  1. Colin Powell used to wander down to the basement and talk to the people who ran the garage. Well, he did it once and they assumed he was lost. This was part of a vignette about how everyone is valuable and everyone has power. It seems those parking attendant bods gave the limited spaces to the nicest people.
  2. Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men was raised watching films backward. This was in the days off rolling cinema, and his parents used to tip up at any point during the picture, then watch the start during the next showing. Sounds a bit tiring. Maybe it is little wonder he found other people’s entertainment a tad below par and went off and did his own.
  3. Jane Seymour started her first a business at 15 sewing pictures of blue tits onto to see-through blouses and selling them in – the now closed and turned into Whole Foods­ – Kensington Market. Today she has a massive empire of products (we got a very big plug) and still seems a bit bitter about the trials and tribulations of her husband of 24 years ago. Hers was supposed to be a tale about success out of adversity.
  4. Tony Hawk, skateboarder, says the difference between a professional and non-professional skater is a tick on a form. Sounds just like a lot of creative professions to me. Of course, it is not like that when you reach his level.
  5. Brandi Temple, creator of Facebook commerce named her clothing company Lolly Wolly Doodle because of an off the cuff comment to her niece Lolly. Phew, I’m glad that question was answered – a very odd name.
  6. Chad Hurley, YouTube founder, uses a deeply un-tech white board to come up with his ideas. He has also been working on some collaboration video editing software for about three years now. Mind you, he did give off a fairly stoned vibe, so maybe it is little wonder it is taking him ages.
  7. Karen Brady has balls but no dick… and that is a direct quote. It all came out of some repartee with a tabloid journalist when she bought Birmingham City football club aged 23 back in the 1980s. Now she loves to wield it as advice to women,
  8. Trevor Noah, comedian and new Daily Show host thinks being bland is good. This emerged from a debate about satisfying customers. His argument was as long as people don’t hate you you’re fine. I can’t say I agree – hatred makes for an excellent marketing strategy… and plenty of people hate Trevor Noah. So it has clearly worked for him.


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