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Rants: 2016 highlights

Life can be stressful. Particularly so, it would seem, for those in the tech industry. Whether it’s dealing with the people in the industry (‘technopaths’ and cyber predators), the stupid names of the tech firms, or the technology itself, sometimes we just want to switch off.  When you can’t do this, we find it’s best to vent frustrations in a healthy and constructive way… by shouting about it.

So here we bring you highlights of a year of raging, raving and ranting.



Data privacy is broken and there’s no fixing it

Windows 10: your neediness made me give in in the end

Evil mankind-hating robots are not the same as automation


Why why why??

Why do the stars come out for tech conferences

Internet failures at tech conferences make my blood boil

Top 10 boringly everywhere tech terms du jour



You keep using that word…

Tenuous stories about Pokémon Go are getting ridiculous

Five amazing ways to become a LinkedIn ninja!

A mudflat near Timbuktu is the next Silicon Valley…


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