News Roundup: Nutanix's rise, BlackBerry's fall, Twitter's uncertainty

Nutanix finally does it

After more false starts than a rocket designed by Professor Branestawn the US datacentre startup upstart finally made it to the NASDAQ stock market, hoping share pickers will like its brand of hyper-convergence and its ability to challenge storage incumbents like IBM, HDS, HP, Dell EMC and NetApp. Based on the initial valuation Nutanix is a $2bn-plus market cap company but will the market buy that? And if so, how much and for how long? America’s obsession with the markets could use a happy ending to match Twilio’s splash.


Twitter might be a quitter

Speaking of closely watched companies, Twitter has long been the subject of close observation as it has attempted to turn its colossal, celebrity-spangled user base into $$$. The latest reports suggest a cast of thousands (or a few companies, anyway) have an interest in buying the company but will the purchaser be a B2B type like Salesforce.com (thought to be keen) or Microsoft (thought not to be keen) or a left-field choice like Disney? And if it’s the last of these will that make it a Mickey Mouse outfit or video distribution mechanism?


BlackBerry sheds hardware

A very non-Disney-like tale of riches to rags is BlackBerry which pretty well ran enterprise mobile email 10 years ago and is now quitting making its once-iconic devices, although it hopes others will step into the breach. The company finds itself in an odd position: lots of people are still wedded to those handsets but market economics demands a change of plan. A company press release was delightfully one-eyed: ‘BlackBerry reports 89% year over year growth in software and services…’ the headline began.


Google and Facebook are both at home

Always keen to change monikers as frequently as most of us change our underwear, Google announced that its Apps for Work suite is to be rebranded as G Suite. The timing, coming as it did just as Techcrunch reported that Facebook would soon formally launch Facebook At Work, was surely coincidental. 


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