Discover ten top blockchain projects

Over the last year or so IDG Connect has published a lot of information around blockchain. This has included an editorial partnership with Wiley which has provided free PDF sections from the first 'Blockchain For Dummies' guide.

In August we had chapter one, ‘Getting started with blockchain’, along with an interview with the author Tiana Laurence. Now we share chapter 19 which reveals her 'Ten top blockchain projects’ - read it in PDF format here.



Some of our other blockchain editorial can be found below.

Can blockchain live up to the hype?

Hype vs. reality: The potential in blockchain

An attempt to make sense of the rabidly complex potential in the blockchain.

Public vs. private blockchains: It could all prove a bit like the cloud

The future of blockchain could be a blend of public, private and hybrid.

Windbags withstanding, blockchain isn’t a panacea for world ills

Despite the hype, blockchain isn’t the answer to every problem you’ve ever thought of.


How is blockchain already disrupting industries?

Five clear blockchain uses outside finance

We look at some of the areas tipped for blockchain disruption.

Paresh Davdra on fintech, blockchain and the future of banks

We speak to Paresh Davdra, co-founder and CEO of Xendpay and RationalFX, about blockchain and the future of fintech.

Blockchain exchange bids to disrupt artworks trading

Argentine project, Maecenas, is trying to make liquid assets of fine art.

Q&A: The energy sector will be next for blockchain disruption

We speak to Guy Halford-Thompson, founder and CEO of BTL Group, about the use of blockchain in the energy sector.

What can Blockchain bring to security?

Hema Krishnamurthy, VP of R&D at Guardtime talks Blockchain and security.

SolarWinds Q&A: Airline industry next for blockchain disruption

Two SolarWinds executives discuss the rise of blockchain in the airline industry.

What is the potential for blockchain in Africa?

Blockchain is tipped to shake up industries across the globe… but the potential could be greatest in Africa.


What might the future hold for blockchain?

Could blockchain unlock the potential in IoT?


An in-depth piece on what blockchain might mean for the Internet of Things.

IT consultancy provides perspective on the future of blockchain usage

A Q&A with digital IT consultancy Reply around the future of blockchain.

Xpenditure CEO: The impact of banks’ blockchain R&D will soon be felt

Boris Bogaert, Xpenditure CEO, talks blockchain R&D and the best in fintech.

IOTA: A blockchain for the Internet of Things

Yes, it's yet another blockchain startup… but this one might actually go the distance.


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